About Us!

Hey and welcome!

My name is LeeAnn Abshire and I am the founder and maker of Nature's Drops by LeeLee. I am originally from Augusta Ga. but have been living in the Atlanta area since 2016. Nature's Drops began in 2018 after I found my love of natural products while going through some health issues. During that difficult time I saw the effects of the mainstream  chemical based products and how they can affect so much of our lifes and i wanted to change it!

I strive to offer natural and safe products for your everyday use that are great for your skin, health and environment. Our products are eco friendly with very little use of single use plastics and all plastics we do use are recyclable.  

I love how we have continued to grow and I hope you join in on this dream of mine. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. It means the world.❤