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Nature's Drops by LeeLee LLC

Massage Candles

Massage Candles

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Massage candles are a great way to have the ambiance of a candle while having a warm massage oil to rub down your significant other. Our massage candles are made with soy wax, shea butter, grapeseed and olive oils along with fragrance and essential oils.

Scent description:

Relax: Lavender and chamomile

Sensual: Amber and rose

Love: Apple, peach, grapefruit, cherry blossom, Hydrangea, vanilla and powder

Charming: bergamot, rose, pepper, magnolia and musk (unisex scent)

**These are not used to scent a room as a normal candles would be. The scent level is skin safe and meant to be put on the body. **We do not recommend using on face or sensitive areas. **Test temperatures prior to using oil.


Soy wax, fragrance oil, essential oil

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Customer Reviews

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Yall 🙌🙌 these massage candles... forreal. Just go ahead and buy it. They are perfect. I tried all of them and they all smell amazing!! They go on oily (not waxy) and they feel awesome! They leave you feeling soft. It doesnt dry oily at all!! It doesnt make you feel like you are sticking to your sheets either. Definitely going to continue buying these. My husband loves them as well. It doesnt get caught in his leg hair as it goes on oily and doesnt dry like a wax.